Gallery of Fredericton construction
Photo Gallery of Projects within the Fredericton Area:
View of work still being done on the Government Legislation. Beautiful copper roof. The beginning of a large project. Project progressingSteel frame going up.View of a Crane on a large  project .Closer look at the crane way up in the air.  Can you imagine how it feels like being that  high iin the air without seeing your footing.  I can remember going over a bridge on a train where you do not see the underneat of the bridge,  it felt like you could plunge in the deep raveen any moment.  For a kid these big cranes certainly is  appealing.  That hook makes for a great picture and makes one wonder how much weight it can lift.    One of the partners and one of the brave one able to climb high into the crane and operate it if needed. 
One of the brave one to climb in and operate the crane.  Men of steel.  Another on the team - Foreman I believe.Another one on the team that I was able to get a photo of.  They had been working on one of the coldest day. This is one of the equipment that makes unloading and getting cement in high places much easier.  A great machine. I like this kind of unloading cement, almost automatic. This is the bucket that is used to get cement to the top and in  harder places on the King-Queen St. project.  Team work is required here. This view shows how huge the cement bucket actually is.  Makes a nice elevator.  A lot of cement being poured on a Saturday morning.
Happy young man directing the busy traffic on this Saturday morning.  View of different equipment to accomplish a big project.This is a unique picture showing how beneficial the crane can be in various tasks. Crane at work.The front on Queen should have a nice unique look when finished.Two men working on a cold chilly Saturday morning making sure every steps fits in perfectly.  Dedicated craftman at work.  It is amazing what some good craftman can build.  I was hoping for some more sparks coming from the grinding of the stone.    This is a unique machine to lift and place those heavy stone steps.  That machine saves a lot of back problems. Another craftman guiding the placement of a large stone in place.  Machine and operator and guide working as a team.  Working on the weekend to complete the work on time, that is dedication.  Finished for the winterLooking greatImpressive and a good match Detail to a historic buildingNow that's a nice looking step fit for the politicians. Getting it done right before heavy rainfallThis here shovel digs faster than 50 men Happy to be working for the boss, his son.  Quality time for Father and Son.   Great truck to have Excavation equipment
Bulldozer works greatGet my truck in the back as backgroundGetting Dark let's call it a day!Feels good to be part of improving  the exit at the Brookside Mall. Getting rid of the curb that created a bottleneck. Widening the ExitOne of the carpenters doing renovation work.Carpenter with toolsHouse needing a new roof.View from the South Side of Condo being built on the North Side. sunny day Men fixing lines on a country road.  Guess who I accidently  ran into in one of the finished buildings in Fredericton?   It was dark and he stood still hoping  I would not see him or think he was a manequin.  I turned around and got my camera out. Flash did not go off.  See other picture.
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